Why Holism Calculation/ Holistic Physics?

The emergence of form (diversity) can be reformulated mathematically and physically with the help of imaginary wholeness.

Detailed explanations of the New Physics/ Holistic Physics are described in the book "absolut imaginär". The contents of the most important chapters can also be purchased individually as an e-book.

So far only available in German.

- Chapter 4, "Basic Mathematics"   Chapter description
- Chapter 5, "Hypercomplex Numbers in the TOE-Modell"   Chapter description
- Chapter 6, " To the Theory of Everything"   Chapter description


The Author ...

Sven Kuch, Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering

born at 1963 in Berlin
resident in Bern, CH

Book description "absolutely imaginary"

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The book " absolutely imaginary" is currently being revised and is therefore not available.


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