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04/2022 Advance notice: New publication "absolut imaginär" as book 2nd edition (completely revised/ reviewed).
In order to be able to offer translations in the future, more distributors are currently being sought.
12/2021        New publication "absolut imaginär" as book 2nd edition (completely revised/ reviewed).
01/2021 New edition "absolutely imaginary" (probably not available until autumn 2021)
11/2020 Finalisation Legal clarifications
06/2019 Lecture at the congress "Technologies of the new time"
09/2018 Publication TOE-Modell

Lecture at the SVR Association (Inge and Adolf Schneider)
Origin of forms, unification of mathematics and physics.
Length: 90 minutes


Lecture at the SAFE Association
The TOE model, the emergence of forms. A union of mathematics and physics.
 - Basics Mathematics
 - Structures of Information-Energetics
 - Peter Plichta and the numbers
 - String theories and dimensions
Length: 4 hours


Trademark registration "TOE-Model"


First lecture at the FdIE Association
on the subject of "Information-Energetics and mathematics".
-> Assignment of the mathematical laws to the dimensions.


Foundation of the Association for Promoting Information-Energetics (FdIE).
(10th meeting)


Design of first classification structures
- imaginary, complex, real -


Introduction to Information-Energetics.
The beginning of a long voyage with first visualisations.


First face-to-face meeting in Schönebeck, Germany.
Reinhard R. Köcher, Gerhard Klemm, Sven Kuch

The Author ...

Sven Kuch, Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering

born at 1963 in Berlin
resident in Bern, CH

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The book " absolutely imaginary" is currently being revised and is therefore not available.


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